Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, September 27th. Xinhua News Agency’s foreign correspondents report: In response to the US government’s “hunting” of Chinese companies such as TikTok under the guise of “national security,” overseas people have said that the US government’s move is entirely out of protection. Socialism, contrary to globalization and free competition, will further push itself into isolation.

  Dan Rules, a senior attorney in charge of Sino-US corporate operations and investment affairs at Han Yu International Law Firm, believes that the US government's suppression of TikTok will affect the attitude of foreign companies to the US business environment.

Rules said that the US government's actions against TikTok and other measures will arouse concerns from foreign high-tech companies, who will doubt the openness of the US market.

If the US government continues to take such measures, it will slowly undermine the attractiveness of the US market to foreign high-tech companies.

  According to Mao Xuxin, chief economist at the National Institute of Economic and Social Studies, the so-called "threat" in the United States is not based on national security, but on protectionism.

"As we all know, TikTok abides by local laws in the countries where it operates, and the relevant operation methods are the same as that of American social media such as Facebook and Twitter. The suppression of the United States is bound to reduce market competition, and the purpose is to enhance the market position of domestic technology giants in the United States."

  Carl Fei, Professor of International Business at Aalto University in Finland, said: “TikTok users sharing short videos of daily life has become an important way for people to communicate.” The US government’s suppression of TikTok goes against globalization and free competition. Push yourself further into isolation.

  Polish "net celebrity" Mihav Witkowski with 790,000 followers said that he logs on to TikTok every day, "TikTok is always safe, and none of my data has been leaked." (Participating reporter: Huang Heng, Yu Jiaxin, Zhu Haochen, Zhang Zhang, Shi Zhongyu)