Two days after a terrorist attack with a chopper in the heart of Paris, the opposition urges Emmanuel Macron to speak out against "separatism".

The speech of the Head of State on this subject has already been postponed several times.

The main suspect of the terrorist attack assumed in front of the investigators, Saturday, to have targeted

Charlie Hebdo

to answer the republication of the cartoons of Mohammed in the middle of the trial of the attacks of January 2015. An attack occurred a few days of the speech of the head of the 'State against separatism.

"The enemies of the Republic will not win": this is the message that Prime Minister Jean Castex wanted to convey on Saturday, when he was going to the Paris police headquarters following the attack on the stabbing which left two seriously injured in the streets of Paris.

However, "the enemies of the Republic" will be precisely at the center of Emmanuel Macron's speech scheduled for next Friday.

After several postponements, the Head of State must speak out against separatism and radical Islamism.

He could then mention this new attack.

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The opposition reactivates the trial in "inaction"

The President of the Republic has not said anything publicly since Friday even if he contacted the families of the victims to express "support" and "solidarity" to them.

While the "terrorist threat remains high" by the admission of Place Beauvau, part of the opposition reactivates this weekend the trial in "inaction".

Marine Le Pen denounces the "cowardice" of the executive.

Republican figures, such as Bruno Retailleau or Eric Ciotti, urge Emmanuel Macron to "come out of silence" and "to stop delaying decisions to combat the advance of Islamism".

The speech of the Head of State will therefore be all the more expected as it will take place in a context anything but serene.