, September 28. According to a comprehensive report by the US Chinese website, California wildfires have been raging in recent days. While receiving "extreme red flag warnings" in many places in the Bay Area, they are famous for their wine The Sheriff of Napa County (NAPA) is hurriedly warning rural wine estate residents to evacuate the "rapidly spreading" Glass Fire in the early hours of the 27th.

  According to reports, the "Glass Fire" broke out suddenly overnight. The name was derived from the Glass Mountain Road (Glass Mountain Road) near the fire site.

As of 4pm local time on the 27th, the fire has burned more than 1,200 acres of land and has not been controlled.

On September 19, local time, the wildfire that lasted for several weeks had a huge impact on the lives of some people in the United States, especially in the West Coast states.

  The California Fire Department warned that as the windy weather continues, the "spread rate of the fire is very dangerous" and that emergency evacuation orders are increasing.

  At around 4 am on the 27th, the area of ​​the fire was only 20 acres.

At 4:15 in the morning, Napa County officials issued an evacuation order to residents living in and around the Deer Park community.

Less than three hours later, all residents living on Howell Mountain Road College Avenue, White Cottage Road and all Freisen Road residents were told to evacuate.

  The "Glass Fire" has razed some buildings in the area. The Contra Costa County Fire District dispatched a rescue team to help evacuate the 151-bed St. Helena Hospital.

According to reports, the emergency room of the hospital is still open.

Authorities later reported that 2,000 people were evacuated, including 50 patients from St. Helena Hospital.

  According to reports, the smoke and volcanic ash from the fire directly blown through parts of Sonoma and Marin County. Due to the windy weather that will continue until the 28th, the volcanic ash and smoke may also reach San Francisco.

  According to a report from the California Fire Department, the cause of the fire is still "under investigation" and the "glass fire" is currently not under control.

It is not clear how many buildings were burned down.

  According to the San Francisco Chronicle, at the request of the California Fire Department, the electricity in the area around the fire site was cut off at 4:30 in the morning.

Some residents of the Deer Park community who were ordered to evacuate temporarily left their homes as early as August because of the fire at the LNU complex.

  The National Meteorological Administration said that from the evening of the 26th to the early morning of the 28th, there will be serious fires on the North Bay coast, East Bay hills and inland valleys. The red flag warning took effect from 9 pm on the 26th to 9 pm on the 28th. The National Weather Service also stated that high and dry temperatures will cause serious fires and increase the risks associated with high temperatures.