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"The shattered jaw", for having stood up to the "dealers": an actress from Lille testified Friday in court after her assault in mid-July in her neighborhood undermined by drug trafficking, which had caused the mayor Martine Aubry to react and triggered several police operations.

The defendant, aged 21, was finally sentenced to ten months in prison with probationary suspension and obligation of follow-up for two years, with among other things the ban to approach the neighborhood and contact the victim.

On July 18, while returning home with her mother and daughter, Cécile Thircuir had an argument with two young men posted in a parking space that had earned her a punch in the face, breaking her jaw.

“I was going to make a niche and saw them post themselves, voluntarily, in the middle of the place.

Tired of all this, I decided to take a step back.

And there 'boom!', Slamming on the windshield, insults… ”, says Cécile Thircuir.

The actress responds "firmly", the tension rises.

“There were sentences like 'bitch (…), I'm going to make you live through hell'”, she trembles.

"It wasn't me who hit her!"


The family comes home, but realizes at bedtime that "the soft toys are in the car".

Believing herself to be "respected", Cécile Thircuir emerges, looks at her attackers and launches: "I forbid you to piss me off when I'm with my daughter".

“A guy came to stick to me, (…) punched me.

I found myself on the ground, with a hole between my incisors, ”she recalls, gasping for air.

On her phone, a photograph of the one she designates as her attacker, a 21-year-old man tried alone on Friday.

"It wasn't me who hit her!"

», Assures the young man.

If he acknowledges having participated in the first argument, he claims to have "gone to play sports" nearby before the assault, returning to the moment when he "heard screams".

In Moulins for six years, "I loved my neighborhood, mixed, alive", even if I "observed" drug trafficking.

“But since the deconfinement, the executives have exploded, there are no more limits…”, estimates Cécile Thircuir.

Wanting to be "citizen", she "tries to dialogue", but ends up turning to the town hall, deploring "the political abandonment" of a district.

After a month off work, Cécile Thircuir is struggling to open her mouth.

Anguished "day and night", she had to move.

His lawyer, Hélène Vatinel, notes the “three sledgehammer” recently struck on the windshield of his car, possibly to intimidate him.

Since the attack, Martine Aubry has reacted in the press, regretting the "lack of resources" of the police and "hell" experienced by the inhabitants, calling on the Minister of the Interior Gerald Darmanin.

The police carried out several operations, bringing back "a little calm".


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