▲'Negleria Paulory' known as a brain-eating amoeba

An urban disaster has been declared in Lake Jackson, Texas, when a'Negleria Fowlary' known as a brain-eating amoeba was detected in tap water.

Mayor Lake Jackson said in a statement that contaminated drinking water poses a serious threat to life, health and property, and has imposed a ban on the use of tap water on 27,000 residents, a local broadcaster reported.

Earlier in Lake Jackson City, a 6-year-old boy was recently hospitalized after being hospitalized with a brain-eating amoeba, and three out of 11 samples tested positive for Negleria Paulory, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Brain-eating amoeba, which is primarily parasitic in contaminated water, penetrates the brain through a swimmer's nose and then eats cells and causes the brain to swell, causing a person to die.

(Photo = Twitter Galmuri, Yonhap News)