The Swedish Hunters' Association wants to see simplified sales opportunities for wild boar meat.

Today, hunters can not resell the meat directly to consumers but only to approved game handling facilities.

This is because there is a certain risk of trichinae, which are small worms that can infect humans, in the meat.

- Very few hunters can imagine shooting a wild boar without taking advantage of the meat.

When the freezer is full at home today, you have no opportunity to give away or sell the meat, and we think that opportunity must exist, says Anders Nilsson, assistant national hunting care consultant at the Swedish Hunters' Association.

The government is investing in trichinae tests

He believes that such reliefs will make it easier to limit and regulate the Swedish wild boar population.

Minister of Rural Affairs Jennie Nilsson (S) shares the image of wild boar is a problem for Swedish agriculture.

In its budget bill for 2021, the government will invest 20 million annually from 2021 to 2025 to subsidize the cost of trichinae tests.

May be increased firing

- The government has decided on a wild boar package with the aim that more wild boar meat will reach the market and thus increase the incentives for hunters to shoot more wild boar, she writes in a comment.

According to her, the government is also reviewing the issue of game challenges and other aids in hunting.

She also does not rule out that more decisions will be made to increase the firing.