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The Duralex company has gone bankrupt.

This is, in itself, a contradiction, since its products have been around the world precisely because they are indestructible and unbreakable.

The company has been declared bankrupt by a commercial court in Orleans;

it had cash flow problems since its production dropped.

Located in La Chapelle-Saint-Mesmin, in Loiret (France), it took its name from the Latin maxim

'Dura lex, sed lex': the law is tough, but it is the law


Its founder, Saint Gobain, never dreamed of making kitchenware.

His idea was to make car windows when he acquired a glassworks in the commune of La Chapelle-Saint Mesmin in 1934.

For this he developed a tempered glass that is still modeled at a temperature of 700 degrees.

World War II shattered their expectations, but from that came the visionary idea of

producing unbreakable tableware.

In 1945, the French businessman registered the Duralex brand, intended for the manufacture of glass objects.

Its period of maximum splendor occurred in the 60s and 70s, when the company employed 1,500 people, since in 1964 they had reached a production that exceeded 130 million glasses, plates and trays.

At the end of the 70s he began to have his first problems.

Saint-Gobain sold it in 1997 to the Italian group Bormioli Rocco & Figlio, which was unable to trace it.

Despite this, in Spain and throughout Europe, the Duralex brand became ubiquitous from the 1950s onwards. All national families gather around the

unmistakable amber-dyed tableware

, which in addition to being indestructible has an affordable price.

The advertisement read:

"Use it as a hammer, drop it, hit it,

move it from ice to boiling water."

In 2008, brothers André and Antoine Ionnaides came to Duralex's rescue.

The company comes back after being on the verge of bankruptcy due to the crisis.

However, the economic situation

far from harming them helps them,

since the culture of savings is once again valued in the face of labor and economic ups and downs.

The turnover then increased to 30 million euros and Duralex now has 200 employees.

Now the whole world is watching the end of a company that, indeed, seemed indestructible.

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