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The socialist mayor of Nantes, Johanna Rolland, was elected on Thursday president of France Urbaine, an association which brings together almost all major French cities and metropolises, dethroning the outgoing Jean-Luc Moudenc, mayor (LR) of Toulouse, with the support of LREM.

“At the end of the ballot, Johanna Rolland, mayor of Nantes and president of Nantes Métropole was elected president of France Urbaine for the 2020-2026 term,” the association said on Twitter.

[🗳 GOVERNANCE] At the end of the ballot, @Johanna_Rolland, Mayor of @nantesfr and president of @NantesMetropole was elected president of urban France for the 2020-2026 mandate.

- Urban France (@France_urbaine) September 24, 2020

This victory of the socialist mayor is the fruit of the pink-green wave that swept through the big cities during the municipal elections.

Johanna Rolland, 41, was re-elected mayor of Nantes in June, six years after taking down this socialist bastion held for twenty years by former Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault.

As in 2014, she made an alliance with the head of the environmentalist list.

Socialists battle for the post

Outgoing president Jean-Luc Moudenc, who was taking a new six-year term, will be his first vice-president, also said on Twitter Cécile Dufraisse, deputy mayor of Toulouse.

The PS mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, congratulated Johanna Rolland "who will be keen to work with large cities and metropolises and who will carry our battles to the Government and Parliament", while thanking Jean-Luc Moudenc "for these six years of work in the service of the territories ”.

Congratulations to @Johanna_Rolland, new president of @France_urbaine, who will be keen to work with large cities and metropolises and who will bring our fights to the Government and Parliament.

Thank you @jlmoudenc for these 6 years of work in the service of the territories.

- Anne Hidalgo (@Anne_Hidalgo) September 24, 2020

This election gave rise to an internal battle between socialists for the nomination of their candidate.

The PS mayor of Dijon François Rebsamen explained to the newspaper Le Bien Public that he withdrew his candidacy on Wednesday, after the appointment of Johanna Rolland by the elected socialist mayors by 14 votes against 10.

According to him, the mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, would have tipped the scales in particular on Johanna Rolland's side by withdrawing her initial support.

François Rebsamen bitter

The mayor of Dijon also evokes a meeting between environmentalists and socialists on July 21 in Tours to which he says he was not invited.

“I didn't know it at the start, but I learned that during this meeting, (the ecological mayor of Grenoble) Eric Piolle asked Johanna Rolland to be a candidate for the presidency of urban France on behalf of the rally de Tours ”, he explained to the Burgundian daily, criticizing“ the radical environmentalists ”.

France Urbaine brings together elected officials from large cities, towns, urban communities and metropolitan areas.

The association has 104 members for a total of 2,000 municipalities.


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