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Fernando Alonso (39) is still far from completing his sporting career - he will return to Formula 1 next season, as everyone already knows - so we cannot yet anticipate with certainty what the size of his legend will be.

There is still time to win the World Championship

if the

car that Renault is preparing for it

is placed at the height of such a demanding competition, and the new rules of


racing car

construction regulations favor it, so we will have to wait to get an idea exactly how great the Asturian has been as a pilot.

The same happens with his

human dimension

, as Fernando Alonso has also revealed himself as

a person in transformation,

who evolves with the passing of days.

That evolution will be seen in the


that Amazon Prime premieres this Friday, where Alonso opens the doors of his house and his private life.

15 years ago, when he was first crowned Formula 1 world champion, for many people it

was even a mystery


The Oviedo driver seemed to live in a melting pot, thinking exclusively about the steering wheel and the race, he had a

reputation for being uncommunicative

-not exactly edge, or taciturn, but simply silent, serious, with little desire to comment on everything that went beyond the metric settings of the car or the statistics of each turn of the track, without fondness for double meanings and innuendo-, and besides, he was

half allergic to social life.

That, when you are a driver at Renault at the time when it was

Flavio Briatore

who started the cod

- the Berlusconi of motorsport - it was almost like an absolute contradiction.

In the Briatore environment, everything was parties, swimming pools

and other things related to the bunga-bunga concept of which we can imagine the details, and

Alonso avoided all that

: dinners, social gatherings, courtesies with strangers, hedonistic celebrations.

See this post on Instagram

If he had an insurmountable commitment, he did it - at the request of a sponsor, for example - but if not,

his life was home-based, based on exercise and playing the PlayStation

, with which he dominated virtually every possible circuit.

It had social networks, but as fun as a visit to the tax office.

Of course, he

never spoke of his private life

, and he got angry if his tongue was pulled.

In fact, it was learned that he started dating Raquel del Rosario -singer at the time of

El Sueño de Morfeo,

one of his favorite groups- long enough that the thing had started as a rumor to be confirmed, and

always under a halo of secrecy


It was rare to see Fernando and Raquel together, and at the time the relationship deteriorated, the specific details of

why they left him were

hardly known


Jealous of his privacy

, and wanting to prevent the press from sticking their nose into any trivial aspect of his life, Alonso

built a bubble of isolation

very different from that of other Formula 1 drivers, such as Lewis Hamilton - much more addicted to racing. celebrity- or Kimi Raikkonen, who was common to see closing bars or sunbathing on yachts.

However, as the years have passed,

Fernando Alonso has opened up.

Perhaps it is the fact that he

no longer has anything to prove

- he has won a lot, his name will be a legend - or that the young man's initial fear, and

insecurity in the face of an open future

in a sea of ​​sharks, has been smoothed out as that he was seeing that

deep down the press respected him and the fans loved him


Fernando Alonso and Linda Morselli.GTRES

The fact is that he is no longer as Carthusian as before, and he is seen in public with his new partner, the model Linda Morselli, with whom he has been for more than three years and whose life in common can be followed on social networks, something unthinkable in earlier times.

This could be an

indication that things are going well

, and that the relationship - unlike the previous ones of the pilot - has a long-term appearance, that of happiness and partridges to eat.

He has even made reference in several interviews for his relaxation of his interest in his life: in short, it was an aspect that previously bothered him and today it bothers him less, as long as certain limits that he strictly sets are respected.

In fact, Alonso

has reached a position where he should care little about what is said about him.

Beyond the sports titles - which he has been increasing in endurance competitions and, which in the future, he hopes to extend on the world rally circuit -, his dominant status in motorsport means that he is

the second active driver who has generated the most income throughout his career

, only behind his partner and rival,

Lewis Hamilton,

and with the German Sebastian Vettel still quite far away.

Among accumulated contracts with teams, sponsorships, awards and advertising campaigns, it

is estimated that Alonso has generated in more than 20 years a total of 240 million dollars



income, an amount that will continue to grow if, in the coming years, he continues his A successful racing career and continues to be linked to the world's great motor brands.

Life has smiled on him, and in response he has ended up returning a smile as well.

Shy, but not the serious grin from before.

You have reasons.

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