Chinanews client, September 24 (Lang Lang) A few days ago, the Ministry of Education and other eight departments jointly issued the "Opinions on Further Stimulating the Vitality of Primary and Secondary Schools."

In terms of enhancing the school’s endogenous motivation, the "Opinions" proposes to strengthen the incentive role within the school, improve performance salary incentives, improve the school performance salary distribution method, and prefer frontline teachers and class teachers with outstanding educational and teaching achievements.

All localities should take the initiative to serve primary and secondary schools, and provide strong conditions and support for stimulating the vitality of running schools.

It is necessary to establish a sound school-running incentive mechanism to further increase the proportion of incentive performance pay in the total performance pay; for teachers with senior professional titles, who insist on working in the front line of teaching until retirement, and have outstanding teaching performance, especially for long-term work in difficult and remote areas Rural teachers in rural areas should increase honors and material rewards to promote long-term and lifelong teaching of outstanding teachers.