China Overseas Chinese Network, September 24. According to the Canadian "Sing Tao Daily" report, in 2020, the epidemic is raging, but the new business of the Chinese Canadian immigrants Mr. Tan and Ms. Zheng is booming.

They set up a second-hand children's clothing online store in 2019, and now they have quit their jobs and gave up a total of 400,000 Canadian dollars in annual income to run the online store.

  In May 2018, the daughters of Mr. Tan and Ms. Zheng were born.

At that time, Ms. Zheng worked as a land development manager for a real estate investment trust company, earning more than 100,000 Canadian dollars a year.

Mr. Tan works in a financial company, engaged in corporate development and acquisitions, with an annual income of more than 250,000 Canadian dollars.

  Ms. Zheng feels that children grow up fast and it is not worthwhile to spend money on new clothes, so buy second-hand clothes whenever possible.

However, taking her daughter to the physical second-hand store and mobilizing the crowd, the Internet is often preempted by others.

And Mr. Tan has always had the idea of ​​doing business on his own, and the two thought of opening an online second-hand children's clothing store.

  As a result, in November 2018, they first set up an online account. The goal is to have 1,000 items online when the store opens in the spring of 2019. This goal was also achieved as scheduled.

Since then, they have begun to work full-time while selling second-hand baby and children's clothing online.

  In the first few months of the business, the online store has about 50 orders per month.

From April to August 2019, there was an increase of about 10% every month.

At that time, the two had not quit their full-time jobs.

Unexpectedly, when the epidemic broke out, many physical stores closed, but their business began to grow rapidly.

  Ms. Zheng revealed that from April 2019 to March 2020, sales in the store increased by 50%; from April to May, it increased by 5 times.

Because the business of the online shop was so good, the two could not take care of their work, so they resigned in May and June one after another, giving up a total of 400,000 Canadian dollars in annual income.

  In August 2020, the hot business broke the record again. The couple also moved the goods from their basement to the warehouse, and began to hire part-time employees to help.

Today, the online store buys 2500 items a month, and there are about 500 orders.

In addition to doing business to make money, they also donate some goods and part of their income to charities.

  "When parents are looking for a sustainable and smart way to shop, I hope we are their first choice store. Now we are far from this point, but we are achieving this goal." Mr. Tan said.