When the corona crisis was a fact, Project Nima, an educational collaboration between Sweden and Ghana, felt that it was necessary to quickly obtain information on how to avoid becoming infected and spreading the infection further.

- We needed a tool to educate about corona in areas in Ghana where traditional media do not reach as easily, says Christina Wenngren who is the founder of Project Nima.

Max Martin heard from him - "Still do not think it's true"

After testing other methods to reach people, especially in slums in Ghana, it was finally decided that a dance could be a good method.

Two dance teachers in Nima, one of the more vulnerable areas of Ghana's capital Accra, put together a choreography and needed a song to spread the choreography.

Then something incredibly unexpected happened - the Swedish star producer Max Martin heard about it.

- It's completely crazy, we still do not think it's true!

He heard from him and said "give me a few days, and I will return with a song"!

tells Christina Wenngren.

Played on radio and shown on TV

It all resulted in a music video featuring young people from Mora and Ghana - a video that is now played on Ghana's largest television channel every four hours.

The young people from Ghana who are in the video have also been in big TV programs in their home country.

- It is really not common for young people from these slum areas to be allowed to sit in such TV programs and be seen and heard, says Christina Wenngren.

In the clip: Listen to the song and watch the music video - join in and meet some of the young people who are involved in dancing.