Medhi has been on hunger strike since Friday -

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Since Friday morning, Mehdi, refused a master's degree, had started a hunger strike in Montpellier (Hérault).

Tuesday evening, this 26-year-old law student has (finally) found a course that wants to welcome him: it will be a master's degree in insurance law.

"The mobilization of the services of the academic region and the steps implemented have made it possible to find answers to this situation," indicates the rectorate.

[Tuesday], the student received several registration proposals for a master's degree adapted to his career and his motivation, he accepted one of them, at the University of Montpellier.


"Kafka himself would not have imagined a worse absurdity"

Mehdi, who says he is "relieved", specifies that "it is the Faculty of Law of Montpellier" which helped him find a solution so that he continues his studies, "not the rectorate".

"I am sad that we have to come to this to find a master's degree," he said this Wednesday morning at

20 Minutes.

 A lot of students are in this case.


"It took more than five days of hunger strike for Mehdi to be admitted to a master's degree," underlines the Scum, the University Combat Union, which has been carrying out the mobilization since Friday.

This conclusion highlights the imposture of the right to further education.

During the generalization of the selection for entry into the master's degree in 2017, we pointed out the non-applicable nature of this right.

Indeed, the rectorates are obliged to offer masters to students who appeal (…).

Except that nothing obliges universities to respond favorably to the requests of the rectors.

Kafka himself could not have imagined a worse absurdity!


Mehdi started eating and hydrating again on Tuesday.

Because a few hours before the good news, the student had also gone on a thirst strike.

After 5 days of hunger strike in front of the rectorate, Mehdi has finally found a Master!

Despite the contempt and disrespect for the law expressed to the end by @acmontpellier, Mehdi (@JyUncleSaoul) has finally obtained a registration in Master.

The fight pays:)

- SCUM - Montpellier (@ scum34) September 22, 2020


Montpellier: Refused for a master's degree, a law student has started a hunger strike


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