Amiens, November 21, 2019. Jacky Kulik holds a large portrait of his daughter, Elodie, during the opening of the trial of Willy Bardon, suspected of having raped and killed him.



When the verdict was announced during the trial at first instance, Willy Bardon had tried to end his life even inside the box where he had appeared for two weeks.

“But today, he is again combative.

He wants to convince of his innocence ”, assures Gabriel Duménil, his lawyer.

It is in this context that this 45-year-old man will demand, this Thursday before the Court of Appeal of Douai (North), his release pending his appeal trial.

Sentenced at first instance to thirty years of criminal imprisonment for the kidnapping, sequestration and rape of Elodie Kulik, whose tortured body had been discovered in a field in Tertry (Somme), Willy Bardon has always denied the facts.

But during an electric trial in December 2019, the jurors had judged that he was guilty based in particular on the chilling recording of the call made to the firefighters by the victim a few seconds before his death and on which we hear two male voices.

#Kulik: We leave for this evening with the report of this hearing which was still, for the most part, devoted to this recording of 26 seconds of schedules.

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- Vincent Vantighem (@vvantighem) December 3, 2019

Death threats during the investigation

This is the third request for release filed by Willy Bardon.

The first two were rejected.

But this time, his lawyers assure that he presents all the guarantees of representation.

The lawyers of Jacky Kulik, Elodie's father, believe, on the contrary, that his release could entail risks of disturbances, death threats having punctuated the investigation of this case.

The decision of the Douai Court of Appeal could be rendered as early as Thursday evening.

The appeal trial is, for its part, already heard from June 14 to July 2, 2021, according to our information.


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