It is known that a civil servant who disappeared while riding on a fishing guidance ship near Yeonpyeong Island in the West Sea was shot dead while drifting in the sea.

According to the transboundary quarantine guidelines to block Corona 19, there is a possibility that North Korean guards aimed and fired.

Reporter Park Sang-jin on the report.

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the 21st, at around 12:51 pm, sailor A, a fishing instructor belonging to the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries, disappeared in the southern sea of ​​Soyeonpyeong Island, the northernmost part of the west sea.

Mr. A is a Level 8 official belonging to the West Sea Fishery Guidance and Management Group in Mokpo, and the military and the sea police have been investigating over the possibility that they may have left the ship by themselves, given the circumstances of disappearing in the sea near North Korea and taking off their shoes.

The Ministry of Defense said, "According to military intelligence, there is a situation in which the missing person was found in North Korean waters the afternoon after the disappearance, and it is being analyzed closely."

However, it is known that Mr. A was killed by a North Korean military shooting in North Korean waters.

A source from the government said, "Mr. A was killed by the North Korean gunfire," and said, "It appears that the North has recovered and cremated Mr. A's body."

Intelligence authorities are placing weight on accidental accidents rather than on the possibility of intentional attacks on South Koreans.

According to North Korea's borderline quarantine guidelines to block Corona 19, it is possible that a North Korean guard aimed and fired at Mr. A.

The Ministry of Defense is planning to announce the results of the analysis of the incident related to the death of Mr. A in the morning of today (24th).