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This Tuesday, he wishes to honor the initiative of these artists who have decided to create works of art or sculptures for the benefit of hospitals to thank caregivers for their investment in the fight against the Coronavirus.

When everyone gives a little of their time or lets their talent speak for the benefit of others, for solidarity, it gives rise to great initiatives all over France.

This Tuesday, honor to those who amazed us all, the caregivers.

During the health crisis, they wowed the gallery.

They also wowed the art gallery of Port d'Envaux, between Saintes and Rochefort in Charente-Maritime.

An open-air museum called Les Lapidiales.

The artists of this institution have been tweaking works of art and sculptures for weeks.

They want to celebrate all these lives saved from the coronavirus by caregivers.

What is precisely the approach of these artists?

They will offer their work, not to caregivers personally, but to the hospitals of the department, in Saintes and Rochefort in particular.

Six French sculptors and one German are paid for this work.

Works carved in limestone, it is an obligation for the manufacture.

The work must be manual, without any machine to cut or cut the stone, a traditional modus operandi but which is lost.

What do these sculptures represent?

Five entwined people, a choir, this is the creation of the artist Michèlez Caïric who wanted to symbolize "mutual aid and solidarity", she told the newspaper "Today in France" recently.

Sylvie Berry, another artist, represented the hands of caregivers from which two characters emerge healed.

Philippe Stemmelen also opted for hands, two hands that help each other, one male and the other female, in homage to nurses.

All these enlightened sculptors hope that these offerings will offer some relief to hospital staff.

They also encourage all artists in France to flower the country's hospitals with works of art.