The 16-year-old suspect was arrested late on Sunday night on suspicion of murder and attempted murder.

The teenage boy was questioned on Monday and is reasonably suspected of the crime, which is the lower degree of suspicion. 

- He denies crime and we are now continuing with other investigative measures.

We will put what he has said in context and have continued interrogations with witnesses, says Thomas Karlsson, head of the investigation section in the Sörmland police area.

Decision on detention awaits

He does not want to go further into what the 16-year-old has said in the interrogations or which clues point to the teenage boy.

Tomorrow, prosecutors will decide whether the suspected teenage boy should be requested to be detained or not.

Lonely perpetrator

According to Thomas Karlsson, after questioning the witnesses, the police have a clearer picture of what happened on Thursday night. 

- Our hypothesis now is that it was a lone perpetrator, says Thomas Karlsson.