Elisabeth, a 22-year-old student from Strasbourg, filed a complaint on Sunday after being assaulted by three individuals.

They insulted her because she was wearing a skirt, before hitting her in the face. 

An investigation was opened in Strasbourg after the complaint filed by a student who claims to have been hit and insulted in the street in Strasbourg by three men on the grounds that she was wearing a skirt, police said on Tuesday.

"A complaint was lodged at the Strasbourg central police station on Sunday by a young woman who recounted an assault on her person" Friday around 2 p.m. "by three individuals who accused her of wearing a skirt," the departmental management said in a statement. of the public security (DDSP) of Bas-Rhin.

"Violence committed in meetings"

According to the DDSP, the attack took place "quai des Alpes", a frequented place on the edge of the city center.

An investigation was opened "for violence committed in assembly followed by an incapacity not exceeding 8 days", specifies the statement, according to which the police proceed "currently to the collection of testimonies and to the exploitation of the images of video-protection ".

The young woman, a 22-year-old Strasbourg student named Élisabeth, detailed her assault to

France Bleu Alsace


"Look at that bitch in a skirt"

She was walking home when she passed three young men: one of them "said to me 'look at this bitch in a skirt'", she explains in a video broadcast Tuesday on the radio site and in which we can clearly see his swollen right eye.

Elizabeth gives a "forgiveness?"

but immediately hears answer: "you shut up bitch and you lower the eyes".

Two of his attackers then each grab an arm while the third punches him in the face, before the trio flees, according to the young woman.

Several witnesses, but no intervention

According to her, about fifteen witnesses attended the scene but none helped her or called for help.

Elisabeth posted photos of her face on social media after the assault, prompting many indignant reactions.

"All forms of gender-based and sexual violence in public space are unacceptable and I strongly condemn them," responded the Minister for Gender Equality, Élisabeth Moreno, saying that she asked the Interior Ministry to take action. of this case.

Mayor EELV of Strasbourg, Jeanne Barseghian praised the "incredible courage" of the young woman for having "spoken publicly".

"I have the feeling that we are still in the Middle Ages on these questions", she added.

On Twitter, the centrist MEP and former mayor of Strasbourg, Fabienne Keller, said she was "shocked by these revolting acts which are multiplying in alarming proportions".