Recently, Wang Fengzhao, the former head of the Department of Finance, Bei'an Sub-district Office, Jimo District, Qingdao City, Shandong Province, opened a court hearing on the corruption case. More than 130 comrades in the departments and units are mainly responsible for watching the live broadcast remotely, listening to the court hearing, and receiving warning education "zero distance".

(Photo courtesy of the Commission for Discipline Inspection of Jimo District)

  In the past five years, public funds were embezzled 42 times, totaling more than 20 million yuan.

Recently, the People’s Court of Jimo District, Qingdao City, Shandong Province has publicly sentenced Wang Fengzhao, the former head of the Department of Finance of the Bei’an Sub-district Office of the district, in a corruption case, and sentenced to 14 years in prison for corruption and embezzlement of public funds.6 Month, and a fine of 2 million yuan.

  Mo Shenjian, former head of the Construction Engineering Quality and Safety Supervision Station of Mashan County, Nanning City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, received 91 payments from real estate developers and construction parties within 5 years, a total of 240,400 yuan, with a minimum of three to four hundred yuan; Jiangsu Province Liang Longwei, the former director of Suining County Education Bureau, accepted more than 860 bribes in 7 years, an average of one every 3 days; Han Peng, former deputy director of Hongtang Sub-district Office, Jiangbei District, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, embezzled and defrauded public funds 28 times in 4 years, with an average of 1.85 each time Ten thousand yuan...

  In recent years, reports of "ant-moving-style" corruption have frequently appeared in the press.

It is characterized by small amounts of many times, long-term continuous, mostly at the grassroots level, and not easy to be noticed.

Often, clues are revealed, and when the case-handling personnel follow the line all the way, the problems exposed are surprising.

  False invoices, forged signatures, embezzlement of public funds 42 times in 5 years

  "There is no regret medicine in the world. You have to pay the price for what you do and sin. With the help of the investigators, I came to my senses and realized how stupid and sad I was in the past, and even ignored the discipline and laws." 2019 On November 22, 1999, Wang Fengzhao regretted it too late after being expelled from the party and public office by the Jimo District Discipline Inspection Commission.

  According to investigations, from August 2012 to October 2017, Wang Fengzhao took advantage of his position as the person in charge of the Finance Office of the Bei'an Sub-district Office to facilitate the use of false invoices, forged signatures of the then office director, transfers from personal bank accounts and Withdraw cash directly from the public account of the financial office, and embezzled public funds totaling more than 20 million yuan, which were used to support mistresses, purchase stocks and financial products, conduct futures transactions and daily splurge.

  During these 5 years, he embezzled public funds 42 times.

From the initial cautious temptation to the later reckless behavior, combing through this lengthy "bill", we can see the change of Wang Fengzhao's mentality——

  In the first three years as the head of the Finance Office, he did not get involved in public funds.

In 2012, he embezzled more than 710,000 yuan in three times.

In 2013, he "stopped the soldiers" and chose to wait and see.

Because there was no problem for a while, his courage gradually grew.

In 2014, there were a total of 12 "shots", and the total amount of corruption rose to more than 5.35 million yuan.

From April to September of that year, he had "investment" every month, and in June it reached 1.5 million yuan.

In 2015, he died again. After that, he had no shame. In 2016, he embezzled more than 5.83 million yuan in 10 times and nearly 8.8 million yuan in 17 times in 2017.

Among these 42 payments, the least amount was 17,490 yuan, and the most amount was 1,601,700 yuan.

  This process of mentality change was also confirmed in Wang Fengzhao's confession.

According to his recall, “I took over 260,000 yuan in public funds as my own in August 2012. It was my first embezzlement. At that time, I was in a complicated mood. I was afraid and worried. I spent a long time in panic. After some days were not found, I took the risk and started the second and third time..."

  While embezzling public funds for stock trading and setting up enterprises, while using power to seek benefits for relatives

  The marrow knows the taste.

At that time, how could Wang Fengzhao think that in just five years, he would completely degenerate into another person.

"Not only is the amount of embezzlement of public funds huge, but he also embezzled public funds for stock trading, buying funds, running businesses, accepting food and gifts from others." The case handler introduced, "Just like his own evaluation, "Profit makes you stunned and almost Crazy'."

  Using the convenience of his position, Wang Fengzhao misappropriated a total of nearly 2.5 million yuan in public funds in June 2013 and March 2015, respectively, for profit-making activities such as company registration and capital verification and purchase of wealth management products.

A full box of Moutai, gift money for his son's marriage "showing his heart", high-end treadmills... Wang Fengzhao accepts all the orders from the management and service objects, and he will not refuse anyone who comes.

  Wang Fengzhao not only engages in profit-making activities in violation of regulations, but also uses his power to seek benefits for his relatives, leaving the party discipline and laws behind.

In April 2012, he opened a public account in a street office in a village bank in Jimo District to help his son working in the bank complete the task of collecting savings and improve performance wages.

  From December 2014 to January 2015, in order to help relatives working in the bank to complete the task of collecting deposits, he transferred 20 million yuan of public funds from the public account of a bank in Qingdao, Bei'an branch, and deposited them to the personal bank of his relatives In the account, the public funds were later transferred back.

How can he know the risks involved in financial work for a lifetime?

  "The defendant Wang Fengzhao, as a national worker, took advantage of his position and used embezzlement and deception to illegally occupy public property. The amount was extremely large. His behavior constituted a crime of corruption; he used his position to embezzle public funds for personal use. For profit-making activities, the circumstances are serious, and their behavior constitutes the crime of embezzlement of public funds and should be punished..." On August 18, 2020, the People's Court of Jimo District, Qingdao City made a judgment of first instance, and Wang Fengzhao pleaded guilty and pleaded guilty.

  The financial management of the unit is not standardized, and the fictitious expenditures have repeatedly involved in danger

  Why did the 42 stretches succeed?

What is the problem?

The problems exposed behind the "ant moving" corruption are worthy of reflection.

  After Wang Fengzhao graduated from secondary school, he was assigned to work in the financial system. The elders felt that he had picked up an "iron rice bowl".

Wang Fengzhao himself thinks that he has found a place to use it.

After being transferred to the Bei'an Sub-district Office, he worked for more than 30 years. He started as a bookkeeper and gradually became the director of the economic management center and the director of finance.

"Along the way, I have been fascinated and honored. At the beginning, I worked very hard for fear of mistakes in my work, but I began to drift without knowing it, and my thoughts changed in subtle ways." Wang Fengzhao recalled.

  After patient and meticulous ideological work, Wang Fengzhao confessed to the investigators the many causes of corruption.

The first is that they make friends carelessly and make mistakes. As the money in his hands increases, more "friends" ask him to do things.

"Friends" begged him for help, he would rather embezzle public funds than embarrassed to refuse.

Later, under the instigation of a group of damaging friends, Wang Fengzhao began to take care of his lover. The salary was not enough and he started to embezzle public funds.

The second is to take advantage of chances. Due to the irregular financial management of the unit, he not only allowed the teller to write large checks, but also successfully evaded inspections such as bank flow and reimbursement of documents, repeatedly crossing the border.

The third is excessive trust and lack of restraint. Because the leaders are negligent in prevention and have little trouble with financial management, everything is left to him, making it possible to violate disciplines and laws.

In his view, "At that time, public funds were like my own, and they could be credited to my account at any time, and I could spend it whatever I wanted."

  It is worth mentioning that the hope of getting rich in stocks is also an important reason why Wang Fengzhao covets public funds.

In 2014, the stock market was in a good situation, and Wang Fengzhao misappropriated public funds in order to seek greater returns.

What he didn't expect was that the stock market took a sharp turn and the embezzled public funds were locked up.

He had to "dismantle the east wall to make up the west wall" and asked someone to issue a lot of invoices, falsely claiming that the office was reimbursed with money, and made up the hole.

  Looking back at the absurd past, as an "old financial" who made mistakes, Wang Fengzhao put forward several management suggestions to unit leaders, audit department, and financial management system.

For example, for unit leaders, it is recommended to “establish a large-amount capital in-and-out reporting system with the bank” and “establish a staff rotation system”; for the audit department, it is recommended to “check the reimbursement documents to compare the authenticity of the signatory to prevent fraudulent claims. "; Regarding the financial management system, it is recommended that "financial personnel should keep the font of the signatory for comparison by the staff."

  Focus on the cheese of service outsourcing and holiday condolences, and contact relevant personnel in a single line to defraud public funds

  Coincidentally, Han Peng, the former deputy director of Hongtang Sub-district Office in Jiangbei District, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, in order to repay the million-yuan debt incurred by guaranteeing his friends, he also mobilized the crooked brains of "compensating for the losses inside the dike" and embarked on the "ant moving style". "The road to corruption.

  From the end of 2015 to 2019, Han Peng embezzled and defrauded public funds a total of 28 times, with a total amount of more than 518,000 yuan, an average of 18,500 yuan each time.

In October 2019, Han Peng was filed and investigated by the Jiangbei District Supervisory Committee; in December, he was expelled from public office.

On March 30, 2020, Han Peng was sentenced to 2 years and 6 months in prison for corruption and bribery, and fined 580,000 yuan.

  In the past four years, Han Peng served as the deputy director of the three sub-district offices. He committed crimes nearly 30 times. The method was simple, but why did he succeed repeatedly?

"After comprehensive research and judgment, we believe that the loopholes in the system construction, supervision, and clean government education in the three streets have facilitated their illegal activities." The case handler said.

  Han Peng's way of making money is not complicated, but the key lies in "single-line connection."

The annual service outsourcing and holiday condolences are a "good opportunity" for him to be corrupt. He always contacts relevant personnel in a single line and reimburses the street in the form of multiple invoices, defrauding a total of more than 325,000 yuan in public funds.

  Taking the purchase of condolences as an example, Han Peng is responsible for communicating with the purchasers, agreeing on prices, and clearing costs, without any inquiry and price comparison procedures.

Each invoice reimbursement is directly handed over to Han Peng by the purchaser, the whole process is not open, opaque, and unsupervised or supervised in a mere formality.

Local regulations stipulate that there is no need for public bidding for purchases of items less than 100,000 yuan and service purchases less than 200,000 yuan. It is precisely by exploiting the loopholes in this system that Han Peng has repeatedly succeeded.

  According to the analysis of case handlers, Han Peng used his subdistrict office's leadership status and authority to intentionally isolate the party from contact with other relevant public servants, making his crimes highly concealed and difficult to be discovered or known by others.

The material procurement process is not open and transparent. The superior supervision is mere formality, and the supervision at the same level is weak, which eventually leads to the failure of supervision.

  Receive warning education at zero distance and tighten the system "fence"

  Whether it is a loss in stock speculation or a guarantee of debt, it is just a "fuse" and a "catalyst" for these corrupt cadres on the road to violation of discipline and law.

The root cause is that individual party members and cadres have lost themselves and their ideology and morality have fallen.

  At the end of July 2020, the Wang Fengzhao case was heard in court. More than 130 comrades in charge of the party (work) committees, mayors (directors) of the towns and streets in Jimo District, Qingdao City, and the main responsible comrades of the district departments and units will be watched remotely and synchronously. During the trial, "zero distance" received warning education.

  Moving the warning "classroom" into the courtroom is an important approach for the Jimo District Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision to conduct in-depth investigation and handling of the case.

On the one hand, the local area used the case as a material to shoot and produce a warning education film "Crazy "Crazy Rats", which was broadcast at the warning education meeting set up with the district disciplinary committee plenary session; to implement warning education for similar cadres at the same level and organize various towns ( More than 320 people, including the sub-district, the directors of the financial offices of the district departments, and accounting staff, went to the Jimo District Integrity Education Center to receive warning education in batches.

On the other hand, the Bei’an Sub-district Party Working Committee is required to carry out the “two meetings and one report” work in depth, hold a warning education meeting for cadres, a special democratic life meeting for the leadership team, formulate a report on the rectification of the case, and ask the leader to preside over two meetings and give warnings Educational speeches, control and inspection by the representative team, and members of the team claim responsibility at the special democratic life meeting, and carry out criticism and self-criticism.

In response to the problems exposed in the case, the Party Working Committee of Bei'an Sub-district carried out in-depth reforms through cases, established and improved 9 systems including financial management regulations, village (community) financial management methods, and financial seal use approval procedures, and continued to tighten the system. "fence".

  Do practical and detailed daily supervision, strengthen the restriction and supervision of the power of small and micro enterprises

  "To systematically sort out the existing government service procurement, sporadic project contracting and other systems, find loopholes, and improve the process; refine the procurement link management, strengthen the supervision responsibilities of the approval link, and strengthen the rigid binding force of the system; focus on important time, key links and key points Intensify warning education..." On February 28, 2020, the Commission for Discipline Inspection of Jiangbei District, Ningbo City issued a supervision proposal to the streets involved in the Han Peng case, clearly indicating the existing problems and performance, from strengthening system construction, strengthening supervision, Seven specific suggestions were put forward in the three aspects of compacting the subject’s responsibility, requiring lessons learned, strengthening supervision, and plugging loopholes.

  After receiving the supervision proposal, the street involved in the case immediately checked and checked and identified 15 corruption risk points, such as the lack of effective supervision and restriction of power, the supervising at the higher level was mere formality, and the supervision at the lower level was weak; material procurement procedures were not standardized, and there was a lack of inquiries and price comparisons. Procedures; incomplete signing of contracts for bidding projects; lack of pertinence in anti-corruption education, and not enough brain and heart.

On this basis, various units draw inferences from one another. The Bund Sub-district focused on improving the management of small projects, strengthening the system and standardization of project management; Zhuangqiao Sub-district issued and improved the "Material Procurement System", "Small Project Implementation Management Measures", and "Services" A series of rules and regulations such as "Project Entrusted Management Measures"; Hongtang Sub-district strengthens hierarchical and hierarchical warning education, and educates the people around them with things around them.

  In order to avoid the “once issuance” of the supervision proposal, the Jiangbei District Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision has established a follow-up and supervision mechanism, adopting regular return visits, reply within a time limit, and on-site inspections to “look back” on the implementation of rectification.

A few days ago, the Second Discipline Inspection and Supervision Office of the District Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision paid close attention to the effect of rectification and conducted a return visit to supervise the rectification of 15 issues reported by the three units.

  The embankment of a thousand miles collapsed in an ant nest.

In the opinion of the relevant person in charge of the Ningbo Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision, the "ant-moving-style" corruption tactics may seem inconspicuous, but the harm it brings is great, and we must be vigilant.

Disciplinary inspection and supervision organs should focus on the outstanding characteristics of multiple corruptions and years of corruption in "ant greed", implement detailed daily supervision, strengthen the restriction and supervision of the power of small and micro enterprises, and promptly bite their ears and sleeves on the signs of sexual orientation, and remind education .

(Our reporter Guan Xiaopu)