Re-spread of infection in the UK to shorten business hours such as pubs September 23, 8:43

As the outbreak of the new coronavirus spreads again in the United Kingdom, Prime Minister Johnson has announced that he will introduce new measures, such as shortening pub and restaurant opening hours.

In the United Kingdom, measures such as strict restrictions on going out have been gradually relaxed, and the number of infected people per day exceeds 4,000 on some days, and the infection has spread again in September.

In response to this situation, Prime Minister Johnson made a speech on TV and other media on the night of the 22nd, revealing that he will introduce new infection control measures to close pubs and restaurants in England, where London is located, from the 24th to 10 pm. did.

"If we don't follow the rules set by the government, we will take further steps," said Prime Minister Johnson, emphasizing the idea of ​​taking stricter measures to prevent the spread of the infection.

In addition, with the aim of resuming social activities, we are requesting that we change the policy that encouraged us to return to work and continue working from home when possible.

In addition, spectator sporting events were scheduled to be relaxed from October, but have been postponed, and Prime Minister Johnson says these measures could last for half a year.

While the re-emergence of the infection has forced us to strengthen our countermeasures, there is also an urgent need to rebuild the economy, which will be severely damaged by the Johnson administration, and we are faced with a difficult response.