African swine fever has spread from Eastern Europe to Germany.

The disease does not affect humans, but is very contagious among wild boar and domestic pigs and has a very large effect on the populations that are affected.

If the infection is transmitted to a pig producer, you may be forced to slaughter entire herds.

- We have built up this herd with a lot of breeding work, so it would have devastating consequences for us, says Katarina Löfman.

One way in which the infection risks spreading is via throwing food at, for example, a rest area.

Imported infected sausages are harmless to humans, but wild boar can be infected and carry the infection further.

The Swedish Transport Administration has therefore put up warning signs at rest areas.

But the signs are small and probably missed by many.

- The signs are maybe a little boring, It could be clearer.

In Denmark, there are better information boards, says Josefina Guttman, chairman of LRF in Lidköping.

Hear pig producer Katarina Löfman tell more about her fears.