New legislation in 2018 would make it easier for people who end up in gambling addiction to get help.

The responsibility is shared between the municipality and the region, but soon three years later it is far from clear where to turn.

When SVT Nyheter Västerbotten searches the municipalities' sites, information is completely missing in most of the county's 15 municipalities.

The worst is it in Dorotea in nearly three years had incorrect information on their site - namely, that the municipality

does not

have anything treatment responsibilities.

- We may have to review it, says social manager Gaby Bisping.

Lack of collaboration

According to the Social Services Act and the Health and Medical Services Act, the municipalities and the region must also cooperate against gambling addiction problems.

But such cooperation does not even exist in a large municipality like Umeå, according to the non-profit national organization Spelber dependence group.

- Our image is that it does not exist.

It is very sad and outrageous, says Omid Rezvani who has 13 years of experience in his role as chairman.

There is help available 

Anyone seeking help via the care guide is primarily referred to the national helpline.

But you should be able to turn to a health center or directly to the municipal social services.

The gambling addiction group has a functioning business with help for self-help and is located in two places in the county, Umeå and Skellefteå.

They also offer remote assistance.

Chairman Omid Rezvani would like to see collaborations with more municipalities to reach more.

- Then I'm talking about collaboration, not that they transfer all responsibility to us, says Omid Rezvani.

See Dorotea's incorrect information in the clip and hear what it sounds like when SVT's reporter tries to seek help