SERIELAND DECRYPTION - From Watchmen to The Boys, whose second season has just been released on Amazon Prime Video, via Jessica Jones and The Umbrella Academy… No need to have superpowers to realize that the superhero is invading our series.

But how has the vigilante figure evolved over the years?

And what are today's superheroes saying about our society?

Eva Roque opens the debate alongside YouTuber Captain Popcorn and journalist and author specializing in superheroes, Xavier Fournier. 

They fly, have superhuman strength, know how to read minds .... But their greatest super power is surely to have managed to multiply on our screens.

Today, all streaming platforms have a series of superheroes in their catalog.

They would be wrong to deprive themselves.

The public is fond of it.

The Umbrella academy on Netflix is ​​one of the biggest boxes on the platform.

But what do the super heroes of the series of the last decade look like?

What is the place of women?

Are these characters still animated by the notion of Good and Evil?

And what is the political dimension in these works?

In this new episode of SERIELAND, the podcast of Europe 1 Studio which tells you about the series with those who love them and make them, Eva Roque answers these questions in the company of Xavier Fournier, journalist, writer, screenwriter, speaker and author of “Super Héros, une histoire française” as well as Sylvain, alias Captain Popcorn.

This Batman and Watchmen fan has created a Youtube channel entirely dedicated to super heroes.

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