Digital Agency To accelerate preparations for installation next fall September 23, 4:23

On the 23rd, Prime Minister Suga will instruct all ministers to accelerate preparations for the establishment of the "Digital Agency," which is responsible for digitalization, with the aim of establishing it next fall.

In order to concentrate on digitization, which was revealed to be behind due to the spread of the new coronavirus, the government plans to establish a new "Digital Agency" and submit the bill necessary for the ordinary session of the Diet next year. I am doing it.

Prime Minister Suga said that it was necessary to take action as soon as possible, and at a meeting attended by all ministers on the 23rd, he will instruct to accelerate preparations for the establishment next fall.

In addition to the bill to establish the "Digital Agency", the government will also revise the "IT Basic Law" next year, which stipulates the basic policy of IT policy that has not been fully revised since it was enacted in 2000. It is a policy to submit to the ordinary Diet session.

In the revision of the law, based on the progress of innovation of IT technology such as the new communication standard 5G, the contents including the name of the law will be completely reviewed, and in addition to the promotion of digitalization, cyber security We are urgently considering strengthening the system.