Chinese army simulates attacks in clip and threatens Taiwan

After denouncing the visit of a senior American diplomat to Taiwan, the People's Liberation Army is now responding with a video.

A video titled: "If war breaks out today, here is our response."


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War of words and war of images.

After denouncing the visit of a senior American diplomat to Taiwan through the spokesperson for Chinese diplomacy, the People's Liberation Army is now responding with a video.

A video widely shared on the Sina Weibo network and entitled: "If war breaks out today, here is our response".


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From our regional correspondent


Stéphane Lagarde

Missile fire, flames and Chinese soldiers running, leaping and dodging obstacles against a backdrop of patriotic songs.

If war breaks out, we are ready,

 " says the new clip from the People's Liberation Army, which is clearly a response to what Beijing calls " 



The Chinese People's Liberation Army (#PLA) Eastern Theater Command on Monday published a video featuring soldiers fighting in the jungle, desert and other battlefield scenarios, saying that "if war breaks out, this is our answer!"

  Global Times (@globaltimesnews) September 21, 2020

Faced with the new visit of an American official to Taipei, the Chinese regime first showed the muscles through maritime and air exercises in the Strait of Formosa, then released the grape-shot of the words: " 

Taiwan is a party." sacred and inalienable of China,

 ”hammered the spokesperson for the Chinese Ministry of Defense.

Chinese diplomacy said this weekend no longer recognize the median line, tacit separation, in the Strait of Formosa.

This escalation in speeches raises fears of an accident as incidents multiply on the fringes of People's China.

Each time, new propaganda videos show the Chinese military maneuvering in the Tibetan highlands, in

the deserts of Xinjiang

, and even as far as the Pacific when Chinese H6K bombers simulate an attack on

the US base in Guam.

against the backdrop of Hollywood movies.

A brigade of #PLA #Tibet Military Command recently held coordinated live-fire drills throughout day and night at an altitude of 4,500 meters.

  Global Times (@globaltimesnews) September 2, 2020

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