China News Service, September 22. According to foreign media reports, on the 22nd local time, New South Wales, Australia, notified 2 new confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia, all of whom were quarantined in hotels.

This is the first time there have been no new local infections in the most populous state of Australia in 106 days.

At the same time, two Australian states announced that they would reopen their borders to the new state.

  Earlier, a man infected with the new crown visited a hotel in Sydney, causing a resurgence of the epidemic in the state.

Data map: Australia under the epidemic.

  On the other hand, the Governor of Queensland announced that from October 1st, Queensland will reopen its borders to five local government jurisdictions in NSW.

Residents from these areas in NSW can enter Queensland as long as they apply for border clearance, without the need for a mandatory 14-day quarantine.

At the same time, people in Queensland can freely enter and exit these areas in NSW, and they do not need to self-isolate when returning to Queensland.

  In addition, considering that there are no local cases in NSW, the South Australian Government has also decided to reopen the border with NSW from 0:00 local time on the 24th, as long as NSW does not report new unknown cases on the 23rd.

After the border is reopened, residents of New South Wales who visit South Australia will no longer be required to undergo a 14-day mandatory quarantine.