Will the employers agree to open negotiations with the unions to regulate the practice of teleworking in companies?

While many employers are trying to get their employees back as quickly as possible, others want to continue the experience until it becomes the norm.

The experience of teleworking divides the bosses, between those who would like to put an end to it as quickly as possible and those who call for its democratization even the health crisis.

On Tuesday, a final meeting between the social partners is scheduled to discuss the rules and rights related to teleworking.

But some companies are already negotiating agreements internally to implement it two or three days a week.


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Within the service company ADP, which publishes three million payslips each month in France, none of the 2,300 employees has set foot in the office for six months.

100% teleworking remains the rule for at least several more months, until the threat of Covid-19 abates.

"My life as an employee has not been that much disrupted", says Charlie, employee of ADP, continuing: "Even if nothing replaces the real physical meetings, I think that one can still maintain a relationship of trust with our colleagues, including teleworking ".

Return to the office with reduced staff

Other companies, which have made teleworking the rule, still offer the possibility to "addicts" to work in the office to return on a quota basis.

At Microsoft-France for example, volunteers must register beforehand, the gauge being limited to 150 people on site out of a workforce of 1,800 employees.

The same system is in place at the Paris headquarters of the Monster job site, but on an even smaller scale: only five out of fifty employees are authorized to work in the office.


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At Monster's Marseille branch, on the other hand, the choice was made to switch to full and definitive teleworking.

"We have decided to close our premises, to offer all our employees to remain teleworking at home permanently. For this, they have all signed a '100% teleworking' endorsement", explains Anaïs Tonin, head of resources. human.

This does not mean, however, that the 18 Monster employees in Marseille will never see each other: once a week they will turn away from their screens and find themselves in a coworking space rented by the day.