More than six thousand Muslim pilgrims were stranded at Indonesian airports today, Thursday, after the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia suspended entry to visitors seeking to perform Umrah, to prevent the spread of the Corona virus.

Ali Matshzumi of the Ministry of Religious Affairs said that more than 2,700 people were about to board their planes at Jakarta International Airport, when they learned that their flights had been canceled.

"It is likely that thousands of others who have already left and are now transit in Dubai and Malaysia will be returned," he added.

He added that about four thousand pilgrims were scheduled to leave the country for Saudi Arabia from other Indonesian cities today.

Today, Indonesian Foreign Minister Rinto Morsoudi urged Riyadh to allow its citizens to perform Umrah after hundreds of people were stranded at Jakarta airport when the Kingdom prevented travelers from several countries from entering to perform Umrah due to fears of the new Corona virus.

"The immediate implementation of this decision will affect our citizens, because at the time of the announcement, Indonesian citizens, and possibly citizens of other countries, had flown there," Marsoodi told reporters today.

Saudi Arabia announced a temporary suspension of entry for people who want to perform Umrah and visit the Prophet's Mosque, as a precaution against the spread of the new Corona virus (Covid 19-).

Human Development Minister Mujahid Gir Effendi urged Riyadh to make an exception for the Indonesians, as there are no confirmed cases of Corona virus in his country.