A Chinese drug trafficker, sentenced to death in Indonesia, dug a hole in the floor of a cell for six months, then escaped through a sewer, and the prison was overturned.

According to Antara News on the 22nd, a death row inmate named Chai Changpan (53) escaped from Jakarta's outskirts at Tangran 1st grade prison in the early morning of the 14th.

CCTV outside the prison was photographed at around 2:30 am on the 14th, where a man came out of the sewer and slowly disappeared.

Inmates in the same room stated that "Dai dug a hole in the floor of the cell for six months and encouraged them to break out together."

The prisoner in the same room, sentenced to 17 years in prison for drugs, remained without breaking out.

The prison side believes that Chai obtained a screwdriver and a metal rod from the prison kitchen construction site and dug the ground up to the sewer pipe.

The correctional authorities and a joint police investigation team are chasing the gap, but after a week's streak seemed obvious, they switched to a public investigation.

Chai was arrested in 2016 by local police for smuggling 110 kg of methamphetamine to Indonesia.

On January 24, 2017, Chai escaped from a police station detention center in eastern Jakarta using an iron rod to break through a bathroom wall.

Police arrested Chai again three days after his escape in Sukabumi, West Java, and locked him in a more heavily guarded detention center.

Chai was sentenced to death in July 2017 and has been serving in the first class prison in Tangran since 2018.

Indonesia is sentenced to up to 20 years for possession of narcotics alone, and is often sentenced to death if caught while distributing drugs.

Because of this, there have been several foreigners who tried to escape from prison after being sentenced to medium sentences for dealing with drug smuggling.

In 2018, a Frenchman arrested on Lombok Island for bringing in drugs bought a policeman, cut a barn bar with a hacksaw, escaped from prison, and was arrested in the woods after 10 days. He was discovered while digging and was moved to a solitary room.

In April last year, a Russian arrested for receiving a new drug in Bali by international mail ran out of a lock-up bathroom window and two days later was arrested in a drainage in the garden of a family home.

At the time, he took off all his clothes and covered the leaves naked to prevent the police from finding him.

(Photo=Tempo, IDN Times, Yonhap News)