Anne Hidalgo - here paying tribute to the police officer Ahmed Merabet - will be heard at the trial of the January 2015 attacks -


  • Anne Hidalgo is due to testify this Monday at the trial of the January 2015 attacks.

  • The lawyers of many civil parties and the defense wonder about the interest of such testimony and fear a desire for recovery.

  • The trial is scheduled to last until November 10.

It is a surprise witness, added to the program at the last moment.

The mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, is expected this Monday afternoon at the bar of the special assize court which judges, since September 2, fourteen people suspected of having provided assistance to the terrorists of the January 2015 attacks. The city councilor was cited at the request of Me Patrick Klugman, lawyer for SOS Racisme and many civil parties.

And incidentally his former deputy at the town hall.

The convocation of the councilor, far from being unanimous, caused a stir, both on the benches of the defense as on that of the civil parties.

"What is she witnessing?"

», Protested Me Laurence Cechman, who defends the relatives of two victims of Amédy Coulibaly at the Hyper Cacher.


», Abound in other advice.

During the shooting against the editorial staff of

Charlie Hebdo

on January 7, 2015, Anne Hidalgo orchestrated a greeting ceremony at the Paris City Hall.

It was an adviser who warned him of the tragedy that was being played out, rue Nicolas-Appert, in the 11th arrondissement.

Nine members of the

Charlie Hebdo



, two police officers and a maintenance worker executed by the Kouachi brothers.

The mayor had then hurriedly left the village hall to go there.

"If we hear Madame Hidalgo, let's hear François Hollande"

"The mayor of Paris was not present, can she bring elements likely to contribute to the manifestation of the truth?

“Asks Me Samia Maktouf, who defends several civil parties.

And the lawyer added: "I hope that this is not a platform that the mayor of Paris offers itself in such an emblematic trial where the civil parties need to understand the truth.


For once, the defense shares the same concerns and regrets that the arrival of this surprise witness was not the subject of debate.

"If we hear Ms. Hidalgo, let's hear François Hollande who declared that it was useless to leave a police car in front of


", outbid Ms. Isabelle Coutant-Peyre, the lawyer for the main accused, Ali Riza Polat.

A discretionary power of the president of the special assize court

In a letter addressed to the president, Régis de Jorna, then circulated to the other lawyers, Me Patrick Klugman justified the arrival of the councilor by the need to hear "a personality who was kept as close as possible to the facts which took place. held on January 7, 8 and 9 without being the direct or indirect victim ”.

The advice to remember that Anne Hidalgo was in contact with many families and wounded from this attack, like that of November 13.

The president of the special assize court, Régis de Jorna, indicating that he accepted this hearing by virtue of his "discretionary power", nevertheless asked Patrick Klugman to specify the terms of this hearing, in particular to ensure that this testimony would be directly linked to the attacks of January 2015.


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