The Ministry of Health launches a "Tatmeen" platform to track and trace the drug manufacturing stages

The Ministry of Health and Community Protection has launched a "Tatmeen" platform, the first of its kind in the region, to track and trace the stages of manufacturing pharmaceutical products, with the aim of securing the supply of these products to health care facilities in the country.

The "Tatmeen" platform - a digital platform based on advanced sequencing and tracking technology - contributes to tracking drugs from production to use by patients to raise the efficiency of health and smart services in the ministry and to deal efficiently with fraudulent or expired medical products and unauthorized products.

To develop and operate this innovative platform, the Ministry of Health and Community Protection cooperated with Evoteq - the provider of digital solutions in the UAE - as the platform constitutes an important transformation in the health sector due to its connection with the best technologies and high-level equipment and the comprehensiveness of its benefits and advantages in terms of health and drug services provided by the Ministry to members of society. The platform allows drug products to be tracked along their path, which enhances transparency and trust in pharmaceuticals.

The regulatory authorities will be able to use the “Tatmeen” platform to facilitate their mission in preventing fraudulent or unauthorized medicines from entering the country by verifying the two-dimensional serial code “GS1” and using a secure website or mobile application .. While the platform will support on the other hand. Consumers by enabling them to ensure the validity and reliability of drugs when purchasing through the secure application, which helps them avoid purchasing unauthorized or fraudulent drugs and provides a clear and comprehensive view of the product's sources, safety and validity by scanning the two-dimensional serial number itself.

The Assistant Undersecretary for the Support Services Sector at the Ministry of Health and Community Protection Awad Saghir Al Ketbi stressed that the “Tatmeen” platform is evidence of the progress made by the UAE in using advanced technology and standards, adopting new technologies that are compatible with the future needs of health care in the UAE and integrating them with the current services it provides. The Ministry of Health and Community Protection ... pointing out that the platform ensures greater follow-up of the supply chains of the health care sector, which speeds up the ability to track medicines at all stages of the supply chain.

He pointed out that launching the "Tatmeen" platform, the first of its kind in the region, comes in line with the ministry's strategy to develop smart systems, provide the best smart services, reinvent health care services, develop research centers, establish local and international partnerships, and integrate new technology according to the standards of smart government capabilities.

For her part, the Director of the Information Technology Department at the Ministry, Mubarak Ibrahim clarified that the "Tatmeen" platform will use the best technology components that allow speedy data processing as well as provide a very safe mechanism to track drugs from manufacturing to the use of patients, noting that the platform is based on a system Advanced tracking of pharmaceutical products will be developed by the Ministry in cooperation with the "Evoteq" company.

In turn, Jihad Tayyara, CEO of Evoteq, expressed his happiness in cooperating with the Ministry of Health and Community Protection and supporting its directions to promote an intelligent health care system by introducing the company's smart tracking system to address challenges and facilitate the exchange of information in a smooth and highly efficient manner among all stakeholders and provide wide-ranging solutions and platforms that lead to Healthier, happier societies and digital empowerment.

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