The island’s irony of the US-Taiwan economic dialogue has shrunk sharply: the dialogue has become a "pre-conference meeting", and the US pigs have lost money

  [Global Times reporter Zhang Tianxing] After Tsai Ing-wen announced the opening of American pigs, the official website of the American Association in Taiwan (AIT) immediately announced that it would hold an economic and business dialogue with Taiwan, and the US State Department’s Deputy Secretary of State for Economic Growth, Energy and Environment Clark Qi presided over.

However, after Krach did visit Taiwan, Taiwanese found that the so-called economic dialogue had become a "pre-conference meeting," and the specifications had shrunk significantly.

  Regarding the visit of U.S. State Department Deputy Secretary of State Crazy to Taiwan, Taiwan’s "Minister of Economy" Wang Meihua held a press conference on the 20th, saying that Crazy led a delegation to participate in Lee Teng-hui’s farewell event. Both sides took this opportunity to discuss Taiwan-US economic issues including 5G clean networks and industrial supply. Exchange of opinions on chain reorganization, “Indo-Pacific strategy”, “new southward” policy, and new energy in preparation for formal dialogue.

Regarding when the formal talks of the "Taiwan-US Economic and Commercial Dialogue" will be held, Wang Meihua said that because the dialogue between the two sides has a wide range of topics and the preparation time is short, the two sides have a consensus to start a formal dialogue as soon as possible.

As for whether it may be held before the US presidential election, she said "it depends on the inconvenience of the US side."

  Krach ended his trip to Taiwan on the 19th and took a flight back to the United States.

On the 20th, Tsai Ing-wen boasted that this trip was “beneficial” and believed that through this extensive face-to-face exchanges, it would be of positive significance for Taiwan to face the global economic situation in the “post-epidemic era”, and he hoped that the Taiwan-US economic dialogue could be conducted as soon as possible.

She also said that Crazy led a delegation to visit Taiwan to represent the significant progress in Taiwan-US relations over the past few years, "fully demonstrating a solid partnership between Taiwan and the US in shared democratic values."

Taiwan’s "Ministry of Foreign Affairs" also stated that although Kraqi stayed in Taiwan for less than 48 hours this time, he had fully exchanged views with senior officials of the Taiwan authorities and people from all walks of life on a number of issues.

  However, in the opinion of the public opinion on the island, this is a "diplomacy that has lost all its advantages and face."

Taiwan’s "United Daily News" stated on the 19th that the U.S. State Department had no explanation after announcing that Crazy would visit Taiwan to host economic and business dialogues. It was not until Crazy set off that it said that Crazy’s trip was to participate in Lee Teng-hui’s farewell ceremony. .

Suddenly became low-key. When Krachi arrived at Taipei Songshan Airport on the 17th, the DPP authorities declared to the media that due to the airport’s “site restrictions, it is impossible to fully open all media interviews” and only one electronic media and one print media representative were interviewed. , Songshan Airport was completely empty on the TV screen.

On the 18th, the originally expected gorgeous economic and commercial official dialogue was discounted into a "pre-dialogue", and the Taiwan-US high-level meeting became a private "hotel talk."

Taiwan’s “Deputy President of the Executive Yuan” Shen Rongjin, “Minister of Foreign Affairs” Wu Zhaoxie, and “Minister of Economy” Wang Meihua filed into the hotel where Clark was staying and held the “pre-meeting” of the US-Taiwan economic and business dialogue declared by Taiwan.

Some public opinion questioned that the DPP authorities disregarded "diplomatic principles" in order to please the United States. "They always demand reciprocity and dignity from the mainland. How come they don't demand this from the United States?"

  Bao Zhenghao, a professor at the Lanyang campus of Tamkang University and the dean of the School of Global Development, issued a paper on the 19th under the theme of "Diplomacy with the United States", saying that the DPP authorities referred to such a meeting as a "pre-meeting". Looking for a step down, "But I am more curious about what exactly the U.S. demands of the Democratic Progressive Party government... It just opens up the import of American pigs and cattle containing clenbuterol, but the U.S. is still not satisfied. Obviously the U.S. wants more. Yin Qiming, the former "Minister of Economy", said that it is fundamentally against common sense that the Cai authorities let go of their chips before negotiating.

The United States will delay many issues in the future, and there are still many issues that have not been resolved by the Taiwan-US TIFA. How can it be possible to discuss FTA?

Zhang Jing, a researcher at the "Chinese Institute of Strategic Studies", believes that "high-profile publicity beforehand, so that the other party can't get off the stage, will naturally cause Washington to slap him in the face."

  During the visit to Taiwan in less than 48 hours, Krach specially arranged for the representative to meet with Lin Rongji, a "Hong Kong independence" element in Taiwan, and others on the afternoon of the 18th.

Lin Rongji said that after he mentioned to the US that young people from Hong Kong came to Taiwan, even if Taiwan was willing to take in, they still had to face real problems. It was not easy to find a job. After all, Taiwan requires higher qualifications for Hong Kong people to work in Taiwan. Can you help.

The Taiwan media noticed that the US personnel did not say anything. The so-called "help Hong Kong people" is just a slogan.

  Li Yanxiu, deputy secretary-general of the Kuomintang, questioned on the 20th that the US pigs were traded for nothing, and Crazy came to Taiwan to buy arms?

Lin Jianshan, president of the Global Economic Agency (Taipei City), wrote that the main purpose of Craggy's visit to Taiwan is to urge Taiwan to cooperate with Trump's strategy of "decoupling China", and at the same time to promote Taiwan to become an "anti-China bridgehead."

However, in the so-called "early dialogue", the heavyweight business leaders on the island were absent, indicating that "the private business community must be decoupled from the mainland's industrial supply chain, Taiwan must be decoupled from the mainland economy, and the Taiwan-US industrial supply chain or Taiwan-US economic co-prosperity should be rebuilt. Circles are extremely impossible tasks."

According to Taiwan’s United News Network, the United States may not only want American pigs. Recently, foreign media have reported that the Trump administration will sell seven major weapons to Taiwan, with a total value of up to NT$200 billion. It is hoped that Taiwan will become a “hedgehog” that cannot be attacked. Therefore, he reduced Crazy's visit to Taiwan and put pressure on the DPP authorities.

"Although the DPP authorities are willing to risk social opposition and make many compromises, they are still very sad."