Mehdi has been on hunger strike since Friday -

N. Bonzom / Maxele Presse

  • A student has been on hunger strike since Friday morning in Montpellier.

  • He was refused in the master's degree he coveted, and has remained unanswered ever since.

  • "Beyond the dramatic situation of Mehdi, the problem is also collective", assures the Scum, the University combat union, which relays the action of the student.

Mehdi has not eaten for three days.

This student, refused by the University of Montpellier (Hérault) within the master's degree he coveted, began a hunger strike on Friday.

This Monday, he was still sitting in front of the rectorate, without an answer.

“I did my first three years at the University of Montpellier,” says the 25-year-old student at

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I was refused a master's degree in Business Law and a master's in Criminal Law because, I was told, reception capacities are limited.

They make selections, but based on opaque criteria.

And it is not only the University of Montpellier, all the universities in France are in this case.

Many students give up.

This system does not work, and leaves motivated students behind.


Mehdi has been on hunger strike since Friday - N. Bonzom / Maxele Presse

"Hope to have an answer"

“Beyond the dramatic situation of Mehdi, the problem is also collective, takes again the Syndicat de combat universitaire (Scum), which relayed since Friday the action of the Montpellier student.

This year, many students refused a master's degree have had no proposal from the rectorate, although it is a legal obligation.



Currently before the Rectorate of Montpellier in support of Mehdi, on hunger strike for 3 days because the Rectorate does not fulfill its legal obligation to offer him a Master.

- SCUM - Montpellier (@ scum34) September 21, 2020

Today, Mehdi expects the University of Montpellier to make him other assignment proposals.

“When we discuss normally, it does not work,” he continues.

So, we are forced to go through actions like this… The hunger strike is very hard.

But what keeps me going is the hope of having an answer ... And anyway, it will be even harder if I leave the university system today.

With a law degree, in the job market, you don't do much… ”

If Mehdi is not enrolled in a faculty before September 30, he will not be able, moreover, to keep his room at the university campus, confirms the Crous, at

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“I will be on the streets”, underlines the Montpellier student.

Asked by

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, the University of Montpellier had not given a concrete answer as to the future of Mehdi, this Monday, at the beginning of the afternoon.

The rectorate, he remained silent to our requests.


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