Deputy General Delegate of The Republic in motion for two years, Pierre Person has decided to resign from his functions within the presidential party.

A movement which, according to him, "does not allow either to lead the rally or to produce new ideas" for the next presidential election.

"To breathe new life into the party, I am choosing to resign from my post as head of La République en Marche": in an interview with

Le Monde

, Monday morning, the secretary general of the centrist party, Pierre Person, announced that he left the party founded in 2016 by Emmanuel Macron and of which he was number two.

The deputy for Paris pinpoints the functioning and the dynamics of the presidential movement, unable according to him to renew itself since 2017.

An "electroshock" which targets Guerini

The grievances brought by Pierre Person on LREM are multiple: according to him, the party is not "able to face this new stage of the five-year term" which constitutes the protean crisis of the coronavirus.

"It does not allow us to bring our different sensibilities to life, or to lead the rally, or to produce new ideas. It must become so again," he insists.

The deputy for Paris therefore leaves the party led by Stanislas Guerini to "create an electroshock" and invites "all those who want to build the successes of tomorrow to also leave their functions at the head of the party to write a new page".

Because the current leadership would not allow, in the words of the 31-year-old parliamentarian, to face the next electoral meetings, in particular the presidential election of 2022. "By becoming like the old political formations, it risks quite simply disappearing", he warns.

Macron support in 2022

The disagreements which push Pierre Person to slam the door of the management of LREM also seem ideological: "The going beyond, it is not the erasure. The original promise was to go beyond the divisions, not to erase our differences", denounces the Parisian deputy on the subject of "a soft synthesis".

Would he support the head of state if he represents himself in 2022?

"Obviously", answers the one who "becomes again an activist among the militants".

"I will be at his side for all his fights. My departure is precisely aimed at creating a new dynamic. The president needs a strong party for 2022."