China News Service, September 21. According to Japanese media reports, on the 21st, the Nikko City Government in Tochigi Prefecture, Japan, announced that many local schools and the World Heritage Toshogu Shrine were under bomb threats. The suspect claimed that it would be on the 23rd. Implement the blasting plan.

At present, the local government has decided that the city's primary and secondary schools will suspend classes for one day on the 23rd.

  According to reports, the Nikko City Government stated that the information section of its official website received a threatening letter at around 7:20 local time on the 20th. The suspect claimed in the letter that it would be between 12:30 and 13:30 on the 23rd local time. , Carried out bomb attacks on the city’s primary and secondary schools and kidnapped students.

In addition, the suspect also threatened to detonate trucks full of explosives at local temples and municipal governments at the same time.

  According to the report, the threat letter also stated that if it wants to avoid the explosion, the local government must send money to a Bitcoin account before the specified date.

  After receiving this threat letter, the local government immediately reported to the Tochigi police and decided to close the city’s primary and secondary schools for one day on the 23rd. In addition, the city government building will be temporarily closed from 13:00 to 14:00 that day.