In the video, the driver of the "Umm Al Quwain Accident" drove his vehicle under the influence of alcohol

Investigations into the collision between two vehicles in Umm Al Quwain indicated that in the early hours of yesterday morning, the results of examining samples from the deceased driver causing the accident confirm that he drove the vehicle under the influence of alcohol and unlike the high speed and reckless running of the street in a way that poses a danger to the lives of road users on Sheikh Street Mohammed bin Zayed, which led to the tragic accident, as well as his possession of alcoholic drinks in the vehicle, and the results of a blood sample examination from the body of the deceased showed that the blood sample contained a high percentage of alcohol.

An official source in Umm Al Quwain Police said to "Emirates Today."

The driver who caused the accident is a businessman, he has an establishment to sell vehicles, and he is a resident of Ajman.

He explained that the perpetrator is 55 years old, and that he entered the opposite road on Mohammed bin Zayed Street from the tunnel at exit 119 to enter the path of the opposite road, and pointed out that the citizens who died in the accident were residents of the port city in Abu Dhabi and were coming to the northern Emirates for the purpose of work

The driver of the Umm Al Quwain accident drove under the influence of alcohol.


- Emirates Today (@emaratalyoum) September 21, 2020

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