TikTok US Business Alliance Proposal "Overview Approval" President Trump September 20, 10:40

Regarding the US business of the world-famous video sharing application "TikTok", President Trump said that he "generally approved" the proposal of software giant Oracle and others to partner with Chinese companies, and expressed his support. It was.

If the plan is finally finalized, it is expected that the ban on use will be avoided.

The Trump administration has ordered the sale of the US business for "TikTok" because the personal information of users may be misused by the Chinese government, and the Chinese company ByteDance and the software giant Oracle have agreed to form a partnership. Is submitted to the authorities.

On the 19th, President Trump told reporters, "I have generally approved it. It would be great if the deal was successful, and it doesn't matter," he said in support of the agreement.

He emphasized that it would be in the interests of the United States, saying, "Security is 100% and at least 25,000 jobs will be created."

In response to this, the "TikTok" side also issued a statement, stating that Oracle and Wal-Mart, a major retailer, will invest in companies that are responsible for businesses in the United States and other countries, and that Oracle will provide technical cooperation to protect user information.

The Trump administration plans to ban the use of "TikTok" in the United States in November, but it is expected that the ban will be avoided if the plan is finally finalized.

On the other hand, this alliance is expected to require approval from the Chinese authorities, and the Chinese side's response will also be the focus.

Postponed new download ban for one week

The US Department of Commerce has decided to ban new downloads of "TikTok" in the United States from the 20th of this month, but has announced that it will postpone this measure for a week until the 27th of this month.

It is cited because of progress in negotiations over the alliance.

TikTok operating company "Consultation to meet legal requirements of the United States and China"

ByteDance, a Chinese IT company that runs TikTok, commented, "ByteDance and Oracle, Wal-Mart have reached a principle agreement on TikTok so that American users can continue to use the app. Based on this agreement, the three companies will proceed with discussions to meet the legal requirements of the United States and China as soon as possible, "he said, urgently adjusting to obtain the approval of both US and Chinese authorities.