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Saturday, 19 September 2020 - 22:49

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    Sánchez and Ayuso will meet on the 21st at 12 to address the pandemic in Madrid

«We are not better, we have not come out stronger.

Quite the contrary.

This is the conclusion reached from both the left and the right when the time elapsed since the outbreak of the pandemic is reviewed and the focus is closed at the time when, three months ago, the Government tried to breathe optimism to the citizens with a campaign that spoke of a more solid country, of a recovered future, of reconstruction and pacts, of a bent curve, of a way out of the crisis "in V".

Today, that panorama is diluted in the perfect storm of confrontation, in partisan sectarianism, in the weakness of the coalition government itself and in the lack of intelligence of the opposition.

There is no understanding or dialogue.

Co-governance has become an empty word.

The autonomous communities fight on their own against the pandemic and its derivatives, without a coordinated plan and without alternative tools to the state of alarm and impoverished.

The conclusions of the Reconstruction Commission, presented as the seed of some reborn

La Moncloa


to re-boost the country and strengthen public services, have been forgotten.



essential for the course are the

result of marketing even before birth.

Minorities set the agenda, institutions confront and deliberative democracy is dying.

"We are discouraged," they say from the historic left.

Nor are they right on the right to see the course: "We try to be constructive, oppose and also propose alternatives, but there is too much distrust."

All the sources consulted agree on this last statement, although the responsibility for suspicion is also maintained as a throwing weapon.

«It is not true, we did not come out stronger.

It was propaganda and now we pay the price, "they say in the PP.

For the 'popular', the problem lies in the fact that the government "tries to sustain itself as it may and does not hesitate to throw itself into the arms of anyone."

The approach, concessions through, to parties like ERC or EH Bildu, is a hard pill to swallow in the PP, Vox and Ciudadanos, practically half of Congress.

"We are reaching what we had never imagined: agreeing with Bildu," laments the fourth secretary of the Senate Table,

Rafael Hernando.

The PSOE replies to this reproach, blaming the popular for their frontal rejection of any initiative, their "brutal opposition to everything";

his "pretense of winning the government by taking advantage only of its mistakes, with the short dribble";

their conviction, ultimately, that the coalition government "is not legitimate."

Thus, dog-faced, days go by without solutions, without plans, without projects.

Only when the situation reaches the limit, as in


, do the leaders lend themselves to face-to-face dialogue.

Only when community after community rebelled did the president offer co-governance.

A co-governance that remained in weekly meetings of the

Conference of Presidents

that hardly served as "group therapy", as stated by a regional president.

“It is not worth offering us to support a state of regional alarm, we already had that possibility.

Coordination is needed, more resources are needed, common protocols are needed, ”they say in Ciudadanos.

And in the PP they add: «A direct and continuous channel between Sánchez and Casado is essential.

The Government cannot avoid responsibilities and blame the autonomies.

“The autonomous state has worked and has proven its usefulness at the service of the people, but it is necessary to improve and strengthen collaboration with the government, which cannot be put aside.

The responsibility of promoting coordination between communities is theirs, "they insist from

Castilla y León


For its president, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, it is essential that the Government endow the autonomies with a legal instrument to control mobility without resorting to a state of alarm.

He has been asking for it, like the Galician Feijóo or the Castilian-Manchego Garcia-Page, since May.

Stopping the spread of the virus is essential, but so is avoiding economic collapse and strengthening public services.

For this reason, the majority of territories claim to articulate a financing system that provides sufficient resources.

A new model, complex to negotiate due to the enormous political divergences, and which is waiting for now.

Divergences that are exacerbated at every step.

The opposition agrees to accuse the Government of encouraging the "confrontation between Spaniards" and "trying to cover recent memory, all its ineffectiveness, with the memories of only a part of society", in clear allusion to the latest Democratic Memory initiative.


, they accuse from the popular ranks, "moves well in that mud."

With these wickers, reflects

Manolo Monereo

, political scientist, historian of Andalusian communism and former deputy of United We Can, "the future has become a political problem and there is no command capable of facing it."

The "command," he says, "is not just the government;

it is the government and the opposition.

In his opinion, without an "alliance" between the main forces it will not be possible to design "a basic plan to face the one that is coming our way."

And the risk, he says, "is that fear sets in, becomes chronic and breaks future prospects."

«They are missing», he says, «big politicians.

The political class has lost quality and quality.

The coalition government agreed on a program for a world that no longer exists and that is why it conveys the feeling that it is breaking.

Now it only puts palliative measures.

And the opposition lacks an alternative project.

There is no strategic state that defines the horizon.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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