Two raids carried out by the Afghan air force against the Taliban killed more than 30 militants in Kunduz province (north), according to the Ministry of Defense, while several sources confirmed the killing and wounding of civilians, while the Taliban denied that there were casualties among them.

The Afghan ministry said in a statement published that Taliban fighters attacked the military forces in Khanabad district of Kunduz state, and that security forces that maintain an "active defense" position intercepted the attack, killing more than 30 militants.

"The initial reports do not indicate any harm to civilians," the Ministry of Defense statement said, and that it had launched an investigation.

The director of a local hospital named Muhammad Na`im Mangal indicated that 3 civilians were killed and 3 others were injured, while Fatima Aziz, a member of Parliament from Kunduz, said, "The first raid hit the Taliban base, but the second raid killed 11 civilians and left 5 others missing."

Reuters quoted another witness as saying that the two air strikes killed 12 civilians, including children, and wounded 18 others.

He added that a number of Taliban fighters were also killed.

On the other hand, the Taliban accused the government of killing 40 civilians in these strikes, including women and children, denying that there were casualties among its ranks.

This comes after a new call by the Afghan President for a ceasefire for humanitarian reasons in order to "protect the people, avoid violence and terrorist acts, and achieve a real and lasting peace," especially as peace negotiations have been continuing for a week in Doha.