The whole thing must have happened on July 18, 2020. Early in the morning when the bus departed from Laholm station, the now accused man came walking towards the bus that had just started driving.

He must then have hit his mobile phone on a window to stop the bus.

After several blows to the window, the bus driver let the man, who shouted that he was angry that the bus did not stop at first, get on.

Struck several fist blows

When the bus driver was later replaced by his colleague, he told the suspect that he was not allowed to get so angry.

The man must then have stepped off after the bus driver and then hit several fist blows on the driver's face until the bus driver's colleague and a passenger stopped him.

However, the accused man claims that it was the bus driver who allegedly hit him and then took him in a neck turn so that his head was next to the driver's thigh.

He must then have bitten the driver in the thigh.

The man in his 30s is being prosecuted at Halmstad District Court on suspicion of violence against an official.