China News Service, September 19, according to Euronet, Italy, citing EUN News Agency, at around 8 am local time on September 18, a gas explosion occurred in a residential building in Verona, Italy. St. John’s A residential building in the district suddenly caught fire and exploded.

The incident caused deep burns to 2 people and severe damage to the building.

The police initially suspected that someone deliberately set fire.

  According to reports, after the explosion, the local fire police team and ambulance personnel rushed to the scene for rescue and evacuated 8 residents in the residential building. Fire police officers then extinguished the fire.

After the paramedics treated the two wounded on the spot, they were immediately taken to the Burn Center of the Burgo Trento Hospital in Verona for treatment.

  The fire-fighting officer in charge of the firefighting said that the residential building where the explosion occurred was an old building. The explosion caused serious damage to the residential building and was no longer suitable for living.

At present, firefighters are setting up temporary facilities to separate the building where the explosion occurred from the surrounding buildings to prevent other accidents from happening again.

  The mayor of Verona Federico Sboarina (Federico Sboarina) rushed to the scene of the accident to sympathize with the affected residents shortly after the explosion, and promised that the city government will immediately provide resettlement housing to properly resolve the future problems of the affected citizens. Housing issues.

  Initial investigation by the police found that the fire and explosion incident in the residential building may be related to a 50-year-old immigrant man living in the residential building.

The man received a deportation order from the police the day before the explosion.

At present, the immigrant was seriously injured and admitted to the hospital in the explosion. The police are investigating and collecting evidence in the relevant case.