President Moon Jae-in's speech in commemorating the 19th Youth Day was focused on'fairness'.

It is interpreted as trying to thoroughly read the public sentiment of 2030, which worsened as the issue of unfairness persisted among the youth due to suspicion of preferential treatment during the service of Justice Minister Choo Mi-ae's son, and the situation of regular employees at Incheon International Airport.

President Moon mentioned the word'fairness' 37 times and'unfairness' 10 times during the 1st Youth Day commemorative speech held at the Blue House in the Blue House.

President Moon emphasized his willingness to communicate with the youth, saying, "I want to talk openly about the fairness of our society."

President Moon said, "I still hear the anger of young people that they are unfair."

In particular, he specifically commented on the situation of humanitarian work that occurred in the process of becoming regular workers of non-regular workers, saying, "Sometimes, one process caused another injustice."

President Moon stressed, "The government is reducing the high demands of young people for fairness and will surely meet it. Fairness is the spirit of the candlelight revolution, and although it may not be possible to achieve all, it is our government's unshakable goal."

In particular, by discussing issues of military service, admissions privileges, corruption, and soaring real estate prices, which are highly rebellious and deprived of youth, they also expressed their willingness to respond to fair issues from the perspective of young people.

(Photo = Yonhap News)