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19 September 2020An atypical San Gennaro ceremony is being prepared in the Cathedral of Naples.

The necessary anti-Covid measures provide that access to the cathedral church is allowed to only 200 people in the Duomo, 100 in the basilica of Santa Restituta (which is located inside the Duomo itself) and 300 in the churchyard where the chairs with relative spacing.

Access prohibited in the stretch of road close to Piazza del Duomo, with police and civil defense to deal with filtering for access only to authorized persons and temperature measurement.

Even if in a minor tone, the expectation for the "miracle" of blood liquefaction remains great.

Inside the Chapel of San Gennaro, from which the Archbishop of Naples Cardinal Crescenzio Sepe will take the cruet to carry it, access has been granted to the "relatives" of San Gennaro, a group of faithful who every year sing prayers for "incite" the saint to realize the miracle.

The San Gennaro ceremony is the most important event that captures the attention of the citizens of Naples and the many Neapolitans who live in Italy and around the world every year.

An ancient tradition that involves the extraction of an ampoule containing the blood of the patron saint of the city from a niche in the real chapel of the Treasure of San Gennaro, in the Cathedral of Naples, and the subsequent exhibition to the faithful.

Other events in the city

In addition to the lights, lit in via Duomo since last September 11 in honor of San Gennaro, there are other events to celebrate the feast dedicated to the Patron of Naples.

Among the most interesting is the traditional Concert of the city conservatory which takes place in the Cathedral, scheduled for next 23 September.

While in September a relay race takes place between the city streets, starting from the churchyard of the Duomo.

Lastly, a concert is also held today. On Saturday 19 September, finally, a concert of Neapolitan Classical Songs from the origins to the mid-twentieth century is scheduled, entitled "San Gennà Pienzace Tu".