'Youth's Day' has become a legal anniversary this year.

The first commemoration ceremony was held at the Blue House.

At a ceremony where BTS also attended, President Moon Jae-in said that'fairness' is an unwavering goal of the current government.

Reporter Kim Jung-yoon on the report.


'Youth Day' became a legal anniversary on the third Saturday of September every year after the Basic Youth Act was passed.

When President Moon Jae-in held his first ceremony at the Blue House, he particularly emphasized the'fairness' issue, the biggest complaint of young people.

[President Moon Jae-in: I hear the anger of young people that they are still unfair.

'Fairness' is the spirit of the candlelight revolution, and even if it may not be achieved, it is the unshakable goal of the Korean government.]

President Moon said, "I will do my best for the'fairness of opportunity'." He said he would guarantee fair opportunities for economic activity.

In addition, he emphasized that "the fairness must be felt in the whole of recruitment, education, military service, society, and culture."

At the ceremony today (19th), BTS, who ranked first on the Billboard single chart for two consecutive weeks, attended and spoke on behalf of the youth.

[BTS Jin: Young Koreans have always been strong and great.

Instead, I'll keep you so that you can always stand up on your own, as the 2020 BTS did, so that momentary happiness and unhappiness do not influence the whole life.

Bulletproof Boy Scouts prepared gifts to be released to future young generations in 2039, 19 years later, and donated them to the History Museum.