“The silence that lasts 24 hours a day is an unbearable torture. Can no one help me?”

A 75-year-old man, who was suffering from loneliness after losing his wife, screamed in the hearts of people around the world when he called to'find a friend'.

On the 15th local time, foreign media such as British Metro introduced the story of Tony Williams, who lives in Hampshire, England.

Williams, a retired physicist, sent his wife, Joe, who had been with him for 35 years, to cancer in May.

With no children, no other family members, and no freedom to move to Corona 19, Mr. Williams was left alone at home.

Ms. Williams was lonely waiting for a phone call that hadn't been coming for months. She put an advertisement in a local newspaper and went to find a conversation partner in person.

I even made business cards with contact details and handed them out on the street, but no one showed interest.

As a last resort, the desperate old man decided to make a poster with an appeal containing his story and put it on the window of his home.

“I have lost Joe, a lovely wife and soulmate. I have no friends or other family members to talk to. The 24/7 silence is unbearable torture. Can no one help me?”

And this story was reported through the metro, and it finally started to attract people's attention.

Contact from all over the world, including the United States, Canada and Hong Kong, as well as Europe, including the UK, Ireland and the Netherlands.

A physicist who wants to talk about science together, husbands who share the pain of leaving his wife for cancer, a charity inviting to an elderly dinner party, and various people who want to communicate by sending a video call or a letter, etc. The proposal that I wanted came in like a splash.

Many of the youngest, 17 to 90 years old, who claimed to be friends of Mr. Williams expressed their solidarity, saying, "No one in this world should feel lonely. In the midst of the global pandemic of Corona 19,"

After a long loneliness, Mr. Williams is said to have regained his laughter thanks to his warm interest.

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(Photo ='Metro' homepage capture)