• Murder Willy, Bianchi brothers: "Never received citizenship income"

  • Murder Willy, the indictment could change to voluntary homicide

  • Murder Willy.

    Conte: "We expect severe and certain sentences".

    Bishop: "Barbaric and unjust death"


September 18, 2020 The soldiers of the Guard di Finanza will ask the prosecutor of Velletri to seize the assets, amounting to approximately 27 thousand euros, of Marco and Gabriele Bianchi, Mario Pincarelli and Francesco Belleggia. According to what is learned, at the end of investigations on the citizenship income unduly received by the four boys - accused of killing Willy Monteiro Duarte with kicks and punches in the night between 5 and 6 September last in Colleferro, near Rome - the financiers have decided to forward the request to the prosecutors after having ascertained that the families of the four suspects would have failed to indicate all the information due and have received 33 thousand euros unduly. Thus the complaints for the violation of the law on citizenship income started.