• Granada Alert of the presence of a panther in Ventas de Huelma

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The black panther sighted in the Granada town of Ventas de Huelma (


) seems to have turned out to be a



Of course, a well-bred and fed cat.

The mystery, which has circulated profusely on the networks and has entertained its users, and has implicated the authorities of the consistory and the province, has been solved by a professional photographer, who has fixed the bug, more morrongo than pussy, with his camera.

Of course, unless the Seprona's search device, when it catches it, says otherwise.



Alfonso Azaustre, specialized in nature and travel, explained that he has snapshots of a

large feline

that he

has taken in a place about five hundred meters from Ventas de Huelma

, where the neighbors alerted of the presence of the animal, until where he had been displaced by the expectation that the search for the supposed

black panther

had aroused


"I had it in front of me, about thirty meters away, it was large but I don't think it is a panther,"

said Azaustre, who is betting that the animal is rather a large dark cat, reports Efe.

The search device activated since this past weekend in Ventas de Huelma, in the face of the alleged presence of a black panther, works to reliably clarify what specific animal it is, according to the City Council.

Through its social networks, the Town Hall of this town has reported that the special operation, in which the Civil Guard is integrated, has incorporated

an animal educator with great experience in this type of felines

to try to clarify "at once "and" reliably "which is the animal in question and reassure the neighbors.

The municipal administration has insisted that, for the moment,

exactly what type of feline it is remains unspecified

, so it has asked the population to remain alert if it goes out into the field and to take precautions until the professionals who are in charge of the device safely discard any danger.

Regarding the tracking method, the City Council has indicated that the emphasis has always been on protecting the animal and the population, and recalled that it wishes "a happy ending in every way" and that

this nightmare

can be

ended "once and for all ".

"We fully trust those in charge of the device (Seprona) who are turning to the cause, with extreme delicacy and sensitivity, prioritizing the protection of both the population and the animals," said the Consistory.

Civil Guard sources have informed Efe that they will not be able to confirm what type of wild animal it is until they can finally catch it and that, for now, the search operation continues.

Last Sunday, the Sales Council of Huelma warned of the presence of a panther, as a result of the warning given by some neighbors who on Friday afternoon claimed to spot the animal on the road that leaves next to the castle and in front of the town hall.

Through Facebook, it was reported that environmental agents of the Junta de Andalucía had inspected the area where the panther was sighted, without finding a trace of the animal.

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