The trial of a Canadian driver who fell asleep and let the car go at speeds of 150 km

Autonomous driving provides steering, acceleration and braking.


Canadian police have punished a Tesla driver after finding him asleep while his car is in a self-driving condition at 140 km / h.

The man was photographed in his "Tesla S" car near the town of Bunuca, 60 km south of Edmonton.

The driver and passenger next to him were in a deep sleep, with the seats reclined to the maximum.

When the police discovered that the car was traveling at a speed of about 140 km, then they shed the reflective emergency light on the car, which made it automatically increase its speed on this outside street to about 150 km, in which the speed limits reach only about 100 km.

 It is unclear why the car increased its speed to 150 km.

The 20-year-old driver was charged with excessive speeding, and then he was charged with dangerous driving, and he was summoned to court.

"Nobody's face was emerging from the windshield of the car to see where it was going. I have been working for the police for 23 years, and I've never seen anything like that in my life," Sgt. Darren Turnball of the Royal Canadian Forces told CBC News.

On the Tesla S, there are autonomous driving systems that include self-steering, in addition to traffic awareness and steering control.

In this case, both cases appear to be operational.

According to Tesla's website, autonomous driving works to steer the car, increase speed and use the brakes, but he stressed that the driver must be attentive, as "self-driving is not a substitute for the driver."

Self-driving is illegal on Canadian soil, if the driver is not attentive in front of him.

This is not the first accident of its kind, as the car is detected while it is driving autonomously, while its occupants are completely autonomous.

In January of last month, a driver from Ontario was charged with reckless driving after police saw him use both hands to floss his teeth, while he was behind the wheel and the speed was around 140 kilometers per hour.

And there have been many fatal accidents in the United States as a result of reliance on self-driving, and among the reasons the car driver was using his mobile phone.

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