In early September, Mats Löfving, Deputy National Police Chief, said in Ekot's Saturday interview that there are 40 criminal family networks in Sweden.

According to him, they have come here for the purpose of committing crimes.

He later explained his statement in SVT's Agenda:  

- We want to have an open discussion.

The problems we are seeing right now require very broad comprehensive measures from the whole of society in a sustainable way.  

According to Gothenburg Police Chief Erik Nord, the police have long known about the criminal family networks, but that it is only now that they have started talking openly about them. 

- We have talked about it before, but when Mats went out and talked so bluntly about it two weeks ago, it was on everyone's lips, he says in Sweden meet Direkt.

Dare to talk now

He then gave his explanation as to why the police have now chosen to open up for discussion.

- That we would point out certain population groups in a way that might not have been okay to do at the time, but we feel that now we have come to the point where we dare to talk about these groups. 

He clarifies:  

- There is a fear of touch based on this with ethnicity. 

See the entire program about criminal family networks and parallel societies in Sweden meet: Directly on SVT Play.