Among the parliamentarians who oppose the expansion is the group leader Manon Aubry from the left-wing group GUE / NGL.

“Make sure you also take responsibility at home.

Only then can you continue to be a credible player at European and global level ", it says in a letter to Prime Minister Stefan Löfven (S) and Minister of the Environment and Climate Isabella Lövin (MP).

“There are many in Europe who have their eyes on Sweden, and who expect a Swedish, red-green government to stand up for the climate and say no to more fossil activities.

If Sweden is not prepared to stand up for climate change, it will send extremely negative signals to the rest of Europe ", says Swedish member Malin Björk (V) in a press release.

Preem's expansion in Lysekil - keep track of 60 seconds

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Keep track of the infected debate about Preem's expansion plans in Lysekil.

Photo: TT / Thomas Johansson